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xxBlake Holman

Scott Doyle
April 08, 2019, 09:13:25 pm by Scott Doyle
Views: 2588 | Comments: 0

Virginia won a fantastic game tonight but Blake Holman is the man!!  Winning first and second place!!

Justin Welch! Good job on third place!!

Payout is: 

              Blake Holman      $706.50
              Justin Welch        $ 78.50

Great Pool!!! Thanks everyone!!!

I'm winning next year!!!   Dammmitttt!!!!

xxFinal game tonight!

Scott Doyle
April 08, 2019, 07:55:38 am by Scott Doyle
Views: 3005 | Comments: 0

Has anyone been paying attention to the Player Scenario's Report?  If you haven't, we are down to only two players that can get first place.  Texas Tech or Virginia?  Comes down to that.  If Texas Tech wins, Ryan Brinker will take first place.  If Virginia wins Blake Holman will win at both first and second place!!

Congratulations guy!  Should be a good game tonight!

Thanks for playing!

xxFinal 4!

Scott Doyle
March 31, 2019, 05:26:18 pm by Scott Doyle
Views: 2192 | Comments: 0

We are down to four teams left!  Duke and Kentucky head home today.  Michigan State, Texas Tech, Virginia and Auburn make up the final four.

Player Scenario's are back!  Check out how good, or bad, you can finish the pool.  Click here.

First place is now held by Robert Safford and with a tie for second place between Joe Buoni and Joe Torantino.

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Final Standings 2019
   1- Blake Holman 
   2- Blake Holman 
   3- Justin Welch