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xx1st Round Complete

Scott Doyle
March 21, 2021, 06:20:56 am by Scott Doyle
Views: 742 | Comments: 0

Well the first round of games are in the books!  Several upsets but the biggest impact on pick sheets had to be the Ohio State upset.  That one will haunt players for another couple rounds anyway.

Greg Jones holds a slim lead over Alex Doyle and Lauren Welch but we have a whole lot of basketball yet to come!

More games coming today and tomorrow that should really shake things up. 

xxLet the Games Begin!!

Scott Doyle
March 19, 2021, 09:26:35 am by Scott Doyle
Views: 898 | Comments: 0

Locked!  The pool is locked down and we have 113 pick sheets entered.  That's a total pool size of $565 dollars.  That breaks down to:
  • $395.50 for first place,
  • $113.00 for second place, and
  • $56.50 for third place.
Thanks to all that have entered!  This year was the easiest by far with all payments made via VENMO.  This will continue to be the way we pay going forward.  Super easy to keep track of.

I'll be updating the player rankings at the end of each day, and maybe more often.  Just depends on where I'm at (home vs. sports bar). :)

Good luck everyone and enjoy yourself some BASKETBALL!

xx$5.00 - Pool Entry Fee

Scott Doyle
March 16, 2021, 08:43:26 am by Scott Doyle
Views: 915 | Comments: 3

This year, as in the past, the fee for entering the pool is $5.00.  Past years we used Paypal and since they charged a fee I had to charge $5.25 if paid via Paypal.  Not this year!  5 bucks even gets you in.  No fees with Venmo.  Get to working on those pick sheets!

Play-in games are Thursday (3/18) with the first round games starting Friday (3/19).

Remember @ChevyC10 via Venmo - $5 per pick sheet submission.

Good Luck!

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* Blank Bracket

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Final Standings 2021
   1- Scott Doyle- $395.50
   2- Ron Epstein- $113.00
   3- Joe Buoni- $56.50

* Live Scores