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You will receive points for each correct game winner you choose. The number of points will be calculated as follows:

Round 1 win: 1pt
Round 2 win: 2pts
Round 3 win: 4pts
Round 4 win: 8pts
Round 5 win: 16pts
Pick Champion: 32pts

Underdog Scoring

If you correctly pick the higher seeded team (underdog) over a lower seeded team you earn bonus points as follows:

Round 1 win: 1pt
Round 2 win: 2pts
Round 3 win: 3pts
Round 4 win: 4pts
Round 5 win: 5pts
Pick Champion: 6pts

So if you correctly pick a number 15 seed team to beat a number 2 seed team  in Round 1 you will earn 1 point for the win and 1 point for picking the underdog.  Total 2 points for that win!

Some further clarification on underdog scoring. You must predict an upset to get underdog points. So for example, let's say you picked Michigan State (7 seed) to beat Villanova (1 seed) in round 4. You have predicted an upset in that game. Regardless of who ends up playing Michigan State, if they are a higher seed than 7 you will get underdog points.

If you didn't predict an upset in this game, say you picked Michigan State to meet North Carolina State (8 seed) you would not get underdog points even though Michigan State might end up playing a higher seed. So if Michigan State ends up beating Louisville (4 seed) you don't get underdog points for the upset because you didn't predict an upset for that particular match up.

I don't particularly agree with this logic but it's the way the program developers (TurboTourney.com) have written the software.

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