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Player listings are not automatically updated.  Some delay will occur after you submit your pick sheet before you see your entry.  I will try to update the player lists every evening around 7PM and 12AM.

$5.00 CASH/CHECK or FREE with $5.75 donation (see below)

Remember now to pay!  All pick sheets must be paid for prior to the start of the first game.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  You can pay by cash, check, or get a FREE entry to the pool by making a donation to FirearmsID.com!  **See below!**

CASH & MAIL: Enter as many pick sheets as you wish!  You can mail me your money as long as you get it to me by Thursday. 


Mail your $5 dollars to:

Scott Doyle

1302 Autumn Ridge Road

Louisville, KY 40242

FREE Pick Sheet Entry:


Note!  Last year right after the tournament PPal contacted me and advised me that they did not allow gambling payments via PPal.  So, this year I cannot accept PPal payments for your entries. 


However, you can submit a FREE pick sheet if you would like to donate money to my other website, www.firearmsid.com.  Click on the following link to make a donation of $5.75 and your FREE pick sheet will be entered in the pool.


Why $5.75??  Well, PPal subtracts a fee from all payments they process.  So if you donate $5.75 to FirearmsID.com I only get $5.00 after the fees are taken out.


Note: If you are submitting/paying for more than one pick sheet be sure to enter the correct donation amount.  You don't need to make multiple donations.  Figure out the number of pick sheets you plan on submitting and multiply that number by $5.75.  Then donate that amount via the link below.

FirearmsID.com Donation Page

Total prize money is calculated by the number of paid and free pick sheets entered times $5.00.


Good Luck!

* Blank Bracket